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Romeo is looking for his Juliet

Singleparty for 30 +

Singleparty for ages 30+

"Swiping" photos is "out" - looking into each others eyes is "in"
Finally a chance to flirt and dance again - and all that in the fabulous ambience of the Aggstein castle ruins

Upon arrival you will take a small, harmless personality test. Depending on the number of points you get, you will receive a colored bracelet. That way you can see at first glance whether your "object of desire" has the same color and therefore similar interests. Or is it maybe even more exciting when the other person is completely different?
All ladies and gentlemen will also receive a flower - and hopefully they will quickly find someone who absolutely must have it!
Everybody wil recieve a piece of paper with the names of a famous lover written on them. Hopefully a "Romeo" will find his "Juliet" - or vice versa. Every couple that has "found" each other gets a glass of sparkling wine.

Forgot how to flirt? Or are you having a hard time interpreting signals and hints? Our Kastellan will catcht you up on how to flirt in his 15-minute presentation. Or not -  maybe you'd rather do the opposite of what he suggests.
Love goes through the stomach - we, at Aggstein, also live by that motto. We will spoil you with a great finger food buffet - but leave a little room for the butterflies in your stomach!
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Courageous couples have their Mayan horoscope analyzed in order to find out how compatible you are. As a single, you can find the reason why it hasn't worked out so well so far in a private horoscope reading.
Of course there are also speed dating rounds - 5 women and 5 men always have 3 minutes to get to know each other. One round each at 10:00 p.m., 10:15 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.: Please register under: Speed ins Glück

And then of course there is the rousing live music of the Highlights. Lively sounds for the beginning and cuddly songs for the later evening - what more could you want?

And another thing: should there be a couple formed that evening who would also like to get married and celebrate later on the Aggstein - we will give you the knight's hall for the glittering wedding celebration on this day for free! It doesn't get any better!

Register quickly at: Romeo is looking for Juliet
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